Mihail Nemtanu

Founder and CEO of Moldowein
Musician, Violin Artist
Born in Chisinau / Republic of Moldova, 
Living in Basel / Switzerland since 2008.

Moldowein is a Swiss importer of wines, official partner of Purcari. Our services are to sell, market and promote the products of our Moldavian supplier. We are positioned in the North-West region of Switzerland with the mission to bring price-value products, sharing with the Swiss audience our wine tradition and the unique flavour of Moldavian grapes.

Generations of winemakers crafted our wine with dedication, dating back to 3000 BC. With a long-lasting tradition, Moldavian wines are internationally renowned for taste and quality, with impressive collections recognised by Guinness Book. 

As a professional musician, I have been playing in prestigious groups and concerthalls over the years, seeing how the public appreciates differently every musical piece. However, the desire for quality and art is present in each consumer. Music and wine bring people together and wine is a form of art in Moldova. 

My passion for art, entrepreneurship and the desire to bring the special taste of Moldavian wine closer to the Swissmarket led to the foundation of Moldowein.

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